Friends of Siegerland

Friends of Siegerland AGM minutes April 24th 2019 6pm – held at The Red Lion (fireplace area)

Present: Keith Dyall, Clive and Beryl Gullick, Ken and Ann Holmes, Ann Aslangul, Irene and Wilf Nichols, Laure Bardouillet, Eva Roberts, Michael Baker, Mary Peters, Lorely Atkinson, Harry Branchdale, Liz Stebbings, Roswitha Williams, Michel Aslangul.

Apologies: Jim Regan, Ann Bloyce, Jane Rolin

Copies of the AGM minutes from last year were circulated.

In his chairman’s report Keith mentioned his two falls in the last year that had left him with a shoulder problem and a fractured wrist.  This had all greatly curtailed his involvement in the friends of Siegerland over the past year especially as for a long time he was unable to drive.  However he now hopes to be able to take a more active part again.

A group from Barnet Town Hall, including the CEO, the Mayor and Angela Richardson from the Mayor’s office, travelled to Siegen recently to renew documents( which Siegen had not been able to locate) to reaffirm the existence of the twinning, set up in 1951.

This year we have had an increasing number of social events, with some new additions to our programme , such as walks, a stall at the Christmas Fair in Barnet and a highly successful German Lunch.

The treasurer’s report showed that the finances of the group are on an even keel

The membership secretary’s report showed that our membership has remained steady with some new members this year.  Membership remains at £5 for individuals or families. More subs were collected at the AGM.  We were all saddened by the death of Leila Salzedo, a staunch member of many, many years.

Election of committee

Chair : Keith Dyall

Secretary: Irene Nichols

Treasurer: Clive Gullick

Membership Secretary:  Ann Aslangul

Member Laure Bardouillet

AOB There was a lively discussion on transport to Cambridge.  Keith is investigating the train options (timetables are now available) and has discovered a cheap option of travel from Liverpool Street.  He will also find out the costs of a coach and look at the train cost from Potters Bar.  We hope to find a solution that enables all to travel together   This will be discussed at a committee meeting next week. 

After the meeting we all stayed to enjoy a meal together

Many thanks to all who attended.                                                                 Irene Nichols (secretary)

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Friends of Siegerland